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Originally Posted by Rick View Post
Jodi......perhaps I should have been clearer. Not asking would you be comfortable beside an obese it fair for a person requiring 2 seats to pay double fare?
Originally Posted by Jim Bragg View Post
Rick, there will be a lawsuit filed against this the day it goes into effect, if not sooner. It is also reported that the ticketing agent will be the person determining if the customer is required to pay for two seats. This is so vague that it will never stand. In addition what about people who just happen to have wide shoulders like myself? What about ladies with large bosums? Will it only affect overwieght people? What about a person who is exceptionally tall? As you can see, there is no way this can be effectively done with any sense of fairness which means it will be illegal. What the airlines should do is make those darn seats wider! I have been pretty comfortable on most airplanes but those darn 727's with the 3/3 configuration is very painful for me because of the width of my shoulders, they just do not fit between the edges of the seats, and that's bone, not fat.
Originally Posted by babe ruth View Post
Jim: I agree with you 100%. We have something called the Americans With Disabilities Act -- a Federal law, and there is certainly an issue here inder this Act. Obesity is a medically recognized disability that has been getting a lot of "press coverage" lately. If this law applies to this situation, SW Airlines would be ordered to accomodate this disability, not charge for it.

Clearly, coach seats are too narrow. And SW Airlines has the least legroom in the industry. Further, all their planes are 737's, which are the most cramped and crowded plane in the skies! (The flying sardine can!) Normally, I don't like government regulation of business. But in the case of the airlines, it's clear that deregulation was a very bad idea. Under the pre-deregulation system, there would be a real "adequacy of service" question over coach seating, which has shrunk since deregulation. Now, all we have is the free market remedy of selecting another airline --- which isn't such a bad idea. Even for those of us who are not particularly obese -- or tall or just plain big -- those SW coach seats are downright painful anyway.
Originally Posted by Shari 2 View Post
Hi everyone:

Just looking back at past posts, and thought I would comment on this one. Did anyone ever think of the times we go to a concert, and can't see a thing because someone tall is sitting in front of us, or the time on a plane that a baby is next to us screaming the whole way, or the time the person next to us has the flu and is coughing the whole flight to Hawaii( this happened to me) and then you have the flu for the whole cruise; or the person who sits next to you at a concert or at church where you can't get up and move and, they are doused in perfume and you get migraine headaches from perfume? How about the people who smoke next to you even when it's in non=smoking and you get bronchitis and wheezing from cigarettes?

How do we charge all these annoying people for disturbing us? Have a heart people. Let's love one another.

God Bless!

hmmm, i was going to reply, but after Ron points out that the OP is ten years old, I won't bother.

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