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Originally Posted by mictodric View Post
Years ago, on a carribean cruise, 7 day, was with a large group of friends.

I think it was carnival CL, there was a topless deck and we were all hanging out up there most of the days partying, i think they called it the european deck.

There was our cocktail waitress working the deck, her name was veronika from estonia. I can see her face now. She also worked as a cocktail waitress for some of the shows we went to.

I think the second night of the cruise, at one of the shows while she was working, after a full day on the deck when she was working, She handed me a note telling me where to meet her after she got off the clock. I had been flirting with her all day.

I did, she ended up taking me down to the crew deck for a crew party, hanging out with all the waiters/servers etc.

I never did an excursion with her but we definitely spent some quality time together.
Rare....glad it worked out for you.
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