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Hello to everyone who shared opinions regarding independent tour operators. My husband and I found your ideas on this subject to be interesting and informative. We ourselves are independent tour operators operating out of Montego Bay, Jamaica, and we are committed to totally satisfying our guests. To us, it's more than just what they pay us, for there's much gratification when we listen to their enthusiastic feedback regarding their experiences with us. We know not everyone has the same "mission" in the tourist industry, but we know there are lots more tour operators who want to make our visitors happy. It's like any other business/vocation--you have those really into excelling at what they do and those who are somewhat mediocre. (We excel--wouldn't have it any other way.) I know for a fact that it's the same for the tour operators that the cruise ships arrange for--you don't have to look far to find lots of negative feedback on some of those.

We have a fb page where we post feedback from many of our guests, as well as photos showing them having the time of their lives on their visit to our beautiful island--all with us--independent tour operators. Check it out--O'Neil Lawrence in Montego Bay! And if you are coming to Jamaica any time soon (or later!), consider giving us a chance to show you what we're talking about! We don't settle for less than excellent!

Marty and O'Neil
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