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Originally Posted by big apple View Post
We have 125 days on Holland and do not feel your critique represents this fine line and for starters would suggest you start with one of the newer ships and yes we have been on the one you are lambasting. Based on your comments you should try another type vacation as this is the worst review I have ever read and not deserving of this fine line.This is not helpful for anyone looking for a nice cruise.And for the record we have some 60 cruises on all of the main line ships.My suggestion is for you to try another line and make your negative comments there.
Big Apple (and I shudder to think you come from the same part of NY that I do!): I think you forget that this is not the HAL FB page wherein everyone who posts there more or less are considered a true fan of HAL, who have had perfect cruises, and will fight to the death to safeguard HAL's reputation. Last time I heard, in the USA, we have freedom of speech and all are permitted to voice their concerns. If you don't like it, you don't have to read the post and comment on it. The topic of the post was not favorable to HAL so you could have passed on it and moved to a more favorable topic. You have your valid opinion and so does the next person and your chromosomes and mitochondria are basically the same as the next guys, baring placement of the genes.

Having said that, I had one of my worst cruises (but not the worst--that one belongs to Celebrity) and one of my best cruises, both on the Westerdam, some four years apart. Even I had many problems on board, including the arrogance of the captain and some of his officers, and then some. I even met with the appropriate parties (Food and Beverage Manager, Maitre'D, etc but my note to the Hotel Director went unanswered the day before disembarkation) with no resolution in sight while still on board.

When I arrived home, I wrote a four page note to Stein Kruse and he wrote me back and assurred me that on my next voyage with HAL, that cruise would be entirely the reverse. He even gave me $750 credit towards the next one. That cruise was booked two years later, same ship, but had to be cancelled due to my mother's terminal illness. The credit was only valid for a period of two years, but my priority was with my mother, not my cruising at that time, so basically, the time frame had expired with no cruises taken. When we rebooked the same ship, four years to the day, Mr. Kruse still allowed us the $750 on board credit. He was absolutely correct in staing to me that I would have a great time on board, and I found myself having one of the best cruises I've ever taken on board a HAL vessel. We are third tier Mariners, I might add.

The last HAL ship I've cruises on was the Eurodam last March for my birthday and again (even without a cruise credit), had a great time with loads of goodies sent our way. We are booked on the Nordam next Wednesday and are hoping we have just as great a time on her as well, goodies or no goodies.

Call me a sentimental cruise nut as my first HAL voyage was on my honeymoon in 1981 on the old Volendam from NY to Bermuda. They went that extra mile then, and I still feel they do it today as well. That is why we keep going back.

So, I guess you could say that even a die hard HAL fan, such as myself, did have a bad cruise, but gave them another chance and they justified themselves in the end. But, I will also say that to the many others who have not been so forgiving: it is your vacation, upon which you spent precious time and hard earned money to make it a fun filled memorable time in your life. If it falls short, try again on another ship, on the same ship at a later time, or another cruise line altogether. You can spend your money anywhere and just perhaps you'll find your niche and say that it was a grand crossing after all!

Happy Cruising to all!
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