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Default Ruby Princess, Day 6, Grand Turk

Ruby Princess, Day 6
Thursday March 16, Grand Turk

Even though we didn't have to be anywhere early, we were up and in the Da Vinci dining room for breakfast before most other passengers. We had a lovely seat by the window, and the most cheerful and helpful server named Ganna. We liked being able to choose such things as fruit compote and Eggs Benedict for breakfast, and the food and the service were both excellent!

Keeping my promise to myself, I did my mile walk on the jogging track while enjoying the view.

While there, we ran into the assistant entertainment director, who was only into her 6th day on the job! Chantelle was a delightful girl from England on a ship for the very first time and loving her new job. We found all the entertainment staff onboard so cheerful and welcomingand they all did a good job throughout the week.

We weren't due in to Turks & Caicos until 1 pm, so we had a free morning to do what we wanted. Of course one of those things was trivia, which we played at 9:30, then sat out in the sun, watching our approach to Turks & Caicos, and spotting some whales off the port side.
We also managed to catch the ice carving demonstration and the Mens' Sexy Legs competition taking place at the main pool - it was very entertaining!

We returned to the Da Vinci dining room for lunch, and again, the food and service were excellent.
I chose salad greens with apples and walnuts, and James had Borscht soup. Then I had a delicious chopped sirloin cheeseburger (no bun), while James enjoyed a beef stew pot pie.
Even our desserts of puff pastry swans (James) and spiced chocolate pudding with coconut milk (me) were wonderful!

After this lunch, we were ready for another walk, which we did down the long pier in Grand Turk, where we were docked beside the Carnival Glory.

We set off on a short bus ride to Governor's Beach, our Beach Break excursion.

It was a lovely beach, but loud music at the entrance drove us further down the beach to a quieter spot. It was hard to find a lounge chair as it was quite crowded, but I spent most of
my time in the water anyway.

Sadly, James found he could not easily enter the water because of the sudden drop; he was afraid he couldn't get back out because his knee was bothering him, so he chose to stay at a picnic table in the shade and read, while I frolicked around with my snorkel gear and blow-up mini mattress.

When we were leaving later, I noticed that the beach itself was not so clean; there were food wrappers, tree debris, broken glass, bottle caps and dog poop (because there were
homeless dogs wandering the beach). We thought that if we ever came back to Grand Turk, maybe we would go to the beach which is right off the pier, which I believe has no
entrance fee, and is also accessible from Margaritaville.

Speaking of which...that was our next destination, the huge and beautiful Grank Turk Margaritaville.

It is a lively, crowded and noisy place, and on this day especially, full of young students on spring break from the Carnival ship in port with us.
It was wild and crazy in the pool, 2 deep at the swim up bar, with everybody drinking, laughing, swimming, and having a good time.

There were quieter areas as well, as the pool
kind of winds its way around the property, under little bridges and around palm trees.

Next to the pool there is the new Flow Rider simulated surfing experience, and it was fun watching macho guys trying to surf and ending up face-planting in the surf!

I managed to wrangle us a couple of Margaritas from the swim-up bar, and we enjoyed them in the pool.

Around 4:30 there was a mass exodus, as the Carnival Glory was supposed to depart at 5:30 and everyone had to be back onboard by 5:00. We found ourselves with the pool practically
to ourselves, and ended the day dancing to Jimmy Buffett's music in the pool!

We stayed till about 5:30 as we didn't have to be back onboard till 6:30, so after a quick run through the Trading Post souvenir shop (expensive!), we made our way back up the pier to the ship.
Carnival Glory was still there, sounding its horn impatiently over and over, and we realized they must be waiting for somebody.

We noticed a little pile of Carnival towels and shoes at the side of the pier, and wondered where their owners were.
Just as the Glory finally started pulling away from the pier, this dripping wet couple came running, carrying the Carnival towels, the shoes, and snorkel gear, waving frantically at the departing ship. Security agents stopped them, and took them aside explaining that the captain had waited 15 minutes, sounding the horn repeatedly, and was leaving and not coming back.
The couple also had a couple of souvenir "bongs", those long-necked bulbous-bottomed plastic cups that serve huge drinks at Margaritaville, so they were probably drunk when they laughingly asked "what do we do now?" It was then that the security officers demanded their passports
(they were wearing only bathing suits and carrying towels and snorkel gear), then escorted them away.
I felt bad for them, but there is a posted "time to be back onboard" for a reason, and the
Captain did wait and give several warning blasts before he departed. I still wonder what happened to that couple.....

Dinner on this night was the "Chef's Menu", featuring the house chef's specialty meals.
I started with a green salad, apples, and ranch dressing, then a trio lamb, veal and chicken kebab with roasted vegetables and potato croquettes.
James had the mushroom soup (good) and something that intrigued him called Orange Roughy with Champagne sauce, but it turned out to be a fish dish that he didn't particularly enjoy. For dessert he had a chocolate mint cake, which he said had no mint taste whatsoever, and I broke down and ordered my old favourite Princess Love Boat Dream.

We needed to walk off this wonderful dinner, so we went outside on the Promenade deck and enjoyed a stroll around the ship on a beautiful warm evening at sea.

Almost reluctantly we went back in later to catch the late show in the theatre, entitled "Broadway Blitz", and we were glad we did.
It was a wonderful show featuring Broadway
hits over the decades, and the Ruby singers and dancers did themselves proud.
So much else going on around the ship, but so little energy left, we headed off to bed after the show.

Tomorrow, a sea day and on our way home......

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