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I have to say that I remember that there was nothing extraordinary about Fran's cheesecake recipe. She NEVER put any topping on it although I presume one could. Kelly will learn that as soon as I locate Fran's cookbook which I know is here in the house because I ran across it.

BTW, I believe it was far too expensive to put on a cruise ship recipe list...but then...............

I shall say, that everyone whomever tasted it, told her it was by far, the best they'd ever had (even those folks from New York who have access to some of the world's finest cheesecake). I shall add that it felt as if it weighed a ton; I mean that sucker was heavy!

Fran had promised she'd give the recipe to no one that such was one of her desires that when she died so did it would as well. Turns out she did, it didn't.

Personally, while I like cheesecake (I admit especially Fran's) I am definitely not a cheesecake fanatic.
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