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Originally Posted by poppadock View Post
I sail with a couple who tells me that they get upgraded all the time, it comes from their TA.
If a TA tells you that they get upgrades all the time they are not telling you the truth, they are paying for the upgrade, or they are booking a "inside, outside, or balcony guarantee and considering that whatever cabin is assigned is an upgrade.

I spoke to a couple on Carnival that said they always receive an upgrade. I asked how that was possible. Their response was: We book a balcony guarantee. This time we we're upgraded to an 8A. An 8A is the lowest category balcony cabin. Sorry, but in my book, being assigned a cabin is not an upgrade.

There is also a new trend with the cruise lines. Instead of upgrading people they now "upsell". The upsell is when they call you and say that you can go from an inside cabin to an outside cabin or balcony to a suite for X number of dollars. Some of these deals are good but if you have to pay for it then it isn't an upgrade it is an upsell.

Also: If you book a specific cabin your chances of getting an upgrade are slim.

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