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Originally Posted by Sid1962 View Post

We are considering taking the Summit over this coming Thanksgiving, and would like to book Aqua class. We had Aqua on Solstice, and absolutely fell in love with Blu.

I am somewhat confused about Aqua Class cabin locations on Summit. I know that they have added additional AQ cabins on one of the upper decks, but are AQ cabins located anywhere else? Our favorite location is on the deck just below the pool deck (the 9000 series cabins) because we love the overhang.

I was reading a thread on another board which seemed to imply that there were now AQ class cabins on that deck.

Does anyone know for sure? We plan on booking on our upcoming Connie cruise, and I would think that they would know, but you can't be sure.

Thanks in advance.
Deck 11 has a whole bunch of AQ cabins..
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