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I've never understood how important it seems to be to some folks to think they are getting an " upgrade." As it's been pointed out countless times over the years, there doesn't seem to be any tried and true method of getting and upgrade.
Best thing is to book a category cabin you will be happy with, forget about the upgrade and if it comes your way, fine--if not-- fine--you still got what you wanted.
Be assured that simply moving up a deck or two doesn't necessarily mean you got an upgrade. If you are moved up a deck and end up under the disco or show lounge, or under the pool area where they spend half the night moving and stacking chairs, then start at 5 a.m the next morning un-stacking and repositioning the chairs, you just might figure out that the
" upgrade " wasn't such a good thing after all.
I have to agree with Mike that if someone tells you that they get upgrades all the time and it comes from the T.A., what's likely happening is that the T.A. is booking them into a specific cabin and then telling them they got an upgrade.
I always pick the cabin I want--not a guarantee-- Once I got a call from our T.A and was told Carnival wanted to upgrade us to a suite. First thing I did was check where it was, and then said ok. That was an upgrade --but after 40 + cruises, that's happened once.
Book what you'll be happy with and forget the rest. And too, don't confuse the " upgrade " with the " upsale "--
It's easy to say the cost of your cat. cabin is $ X dollars but for only $ X dollars more I can " upgrade " you to this. You haven't been upgraded--you have been " up-sold ."
Up Grade--Up-sold, whatever-- happy sails to all !
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