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I am sailing the Allure at the end of May and I chose deck 8 and a superior oceanview balcony cabin. My cabin is the first balcony near the front of the ship, but honestly I don't think any of the ocean view cabins on that deck would be a bad chioce. Central Park looks to be alot more tranquil than the Boardwalk area and as everyone else mentioned I too heard that it has serene sound scapes like birds chirping. I also liked this deck because it's close to the Park Cafe where we can grab snacks, finger sandwiches cookies or coffee. Boardwalk is only one deck down and if I can get my butt to the spa it's only two decks down. This deck worked the best for me from what I researched. But, you'll need to figure out what will work for you and then what bedding layout you want. I chose a cabin with the bed close to the closest instead of the balcony. Tighter fit to get into the closet, but I don't mind that. I think the most popular chioce though is the bed next to the balcony. Then again alot people don't care either way, being a planner..I care. !

How do you figure out your cabin bedding layout? Usually on the Allure when you are looking at connecting cabins -When you are facing the double doors in the hallway, the door on the right has the bed by the balcony, while the door on the left has the bed by the closet. And so and so on.
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