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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
In addition to the $11.50 per person per day that everyone tips , we tipped the Cabin Steward ,Waiter ,Asst.Waiter and Mairtre'D additionally .I was inquiring the norm for additional tips for these people to determine (for future reference) if we under tipped or over tipped).
I do not think there is norm for additional tipping
what you feel comfortable giving
I have heard some say they give $50 but I am not that generous ..they would have to do many good things to get that much from me

We do open dining & if we sit in the same section with same waiters (by request) then we may give the waiters $20 each above the auto tip
I do not know or care if it is too much or too little
I am sure they will take any amount with a smile
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