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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
In addition to the $11.50 per person per day that everyone tips , we tipped the Cabin Steward ,Waiter ,Asst.Waiter and Mairtre'D additionally .I was inquiring the norm for additional tips for these people to determine (for future reference) if we under tipped or over tipped).
I don't think there is a norm, or an expectation (as long as auto tips are left on). I always take 7-10 day cruises and this is what I have done:

In addition to auto tips, I always give the room steward $50.

I always use anytime dining now and always have different wait staff so I don't tip them unless I get the same pair several nights and the amount would vary based on service and how many nights.

I only tipped the Maitre'D once and gave him $20. We were married on board and had wanted a table every night with our favorite waiter (in anytime dining) that happened to be on board and he took care of our request. I gave that waiter $100 and the asst. $50. When I used traditional dining in the past, I normally would have given half that to each, but he was our favorite waiter we ever had, and he made our wedding cruise really special so I gave extra.

I also tip bartenders, but that will vary greatly depending on how much I see them.

As long as you leave auto tips on, just tip what you think is deserved. They will happy with any extra tips you give.
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