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Question Scared off??

Originally Posted by 2katz3fsh View Post
Mike, the topic of the thread posted by the original poster was a criticism about their HAL Ryndam cruise and so stated in its topic. Big Apple knew that when he/she read the post and then posted his/her totally negative criticisms to the poster.The poster was a newby and if I were the one posting the original complaint, I would have never come back here because I thought BA was acting like a bully. You might have thought that we were discussing a cure for cancer, world peace, or how to eliminate the budget. Don't sweat the small stuff; for goodness sake, it was only a viewpoint expressed by a poster about their cruise!

I totally agree with you that we have the right to say what we think, postive or negative. Heck, I even learn new things about negative experiences, those of my own and others. I learn how to avoid having the same outcome by doing something differently, what not to do, etc. Along the same lines, I also think that we should consider how we word things and show a little consideration to each other.
You are very correct that we how to consider how we word things. A cold line of print can come across differently than we intend. Consideration for other's opinions can be hard to express when you are disagreeing with them. Polite disagreement means different things to different people.

OTOH -- coming on the board and NOT accepting disagreement accomplishes nothing either. The OP has indeed not come back. Is that because one poster, or more, posted a bit harshly, or is that because it was nothing but a drive-by bashing from the very original intention?

I went back and counted. Basically there are six posts disagreeing with the OP, six posts agreeing with the OP -- and a whole bunch of posts like this one skidding close to the edge of off topic. I continue to reply to them because personally I think it is important that those of us who post more frequently consider the direction our posts take, which are useful and which are not. (Of course the all powerful and wonderfully wise moderators will tell us eventually!)

I don't believe any negative posts scared off the OP. If they did, then the comment that they don't belong on this board is most likely accurate.

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