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I was on the first regularly scheduled cruise ship to ever call on Roatan. The blue paint with date is (barely) still visable on the pier from the ceremony. I look for it every time I am there. The ship called at Coxen Hole. The locals did not know how to approach the passengers, very different from today. Roatan didn't get many cruise ships for many years as one of the few ways to get there was to sail out of Houston (not Galveston) on NCL's Texaribbean cruise. For several years you would drink beer in the living rooms or porches of houses near the pier. Wasn't much set up for tourists. Now of course they have lot's of things and tours for cruise guests. To be honest the island is much cleaner now than it was in the early days. Tourism became very important and many improvements have been made. It is a beautiful island and I have done almost everything there is to do on Roatan. Now it's 50/50 if I even get off the ship. Mahogany Bay is great for those that want an easy way to experience the island. Tabyana beach (photo) is wonderful, one of the best in the Caribbean.

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