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Default modern conveniences

Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
I personally think travelers cheques can be a responsible back-up if only for those "just in case" moments. Of course that entails many variables such as exchange rates, where they're used, etc., convenience of conversion (both before and after shopping prior to reboarding) and should probably be converted in a few instances at legitimate banks, etc., immediately upon arriving ashore.

They can provide a modicum of flexibitility relative to Henry's historical problems but I certainly wouldn't cash hundreds of dollars of them because then you're inviting just outright theft.

If one finds something to purchase wherein for whatever reason a credit card can't be used, one could usually find a financial institution that would offer official exchange rates. Of course in St. Thomas it's rather a moot point.

As for the rotary dial phone and typewriter, well uhhhh.............. whatever floats your boat.
I have several friends who do not have cell phones ,computers and answering machines and they don't have any problems not having them.
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