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I did a cruise from LA to Alaska and loved it. My motto is why fly when you can cruise.

I must disagree with one poster mentioning that it can be rough cruising...No way no how..The ship did'nt once rock from LA all the way to glacier bay...the water is as still as bath water. It is a fabulous cruise and would recommend it to all.

Please note that most of the tours are rather expensive HOWEVER the helicopter tour was one of the greatest tours I ever took...after some considerable flight time we landed on the very top of a was wonderful nothing ever compared to that tour we took.

Also the white pass train ride is pretty take and old fashioned train ride into a gold rush town where you watch a show eat and pan for was pretty nice...

Alsaka is one of the most wonderful places I have ever been to and the tours are not I repeat do not miss the helicopter is pricey though..Back in 1999 the price of the helicopter tour if im not mistaking was about $200 per person. WELL WORHT IT.

Enjoy it will be a trip of a life time. and yes cruise from San Fran..the stop in Vancover is very nice...
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