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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
I have also heard that there is more and more of those annoying messages announcing art auctions and bingo games...something I loath...nothing makes a cruise feel cheap like listening to messages announcing art games and the horse races.

My Wife and I have not been on a cruise for about 5 years we do however have a dozen or so under our belt and we always loved Celebrity. But like I said I have been getting feed back that the little things are being eliminated..remember when you first boarded a crew member wearing white gloves escorted you to your room...I hear now they give you a map or just point you in the direction...its the little things that make a cruise seem like they really care about you.

We were going to book a cruise on Summit but My wife suggested not too long ago that maybe we should give either Silver Sea or Crystal a shot...I am giving it a serious consideration.
Where exactly have you heard that there are more & more annoying messages? Not on Celebrity.

Regarding being escorted to your cabin; they also did not let any new passengers on the ship until 2PM, while now you can board before noon, even though the rooms aren't ready, so perhaps it's no longer parctical.

If you haven't been on a cruie in 5 years, how can you make assumptions on "what you hear". Why not step on a ship & find out for yourself?
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