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Exclamation Rough seas

Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
I must disagree with one poster mentioning that it can be rough cruising...No way no how..The ship did'nt once rock from LA all the way to glacier bay...the water is as still as bath water.
This board is a valuable place as cruisers share their experiences. However in most cases we get the experience of one cruise. Buttons16 was fortunate that his ship found calm water all the way.

However, the stretch from San Francisco to Vancouver is in open water, and the chances of some roughness in the seas are much higher than the classic Inside Passage cruise which is mostly in protected waters. Quite a few cruisers have reported running into rougher seas there.

Does this mean that an Inside Passage cruise is always completely smooth? NO. Does this mean that a San Francisco cruise will always run into rough water? NO.

But on the whole, and especially for those prone to seasickness, the chances of greater motion in the ship are higher sailing out of San Francisco.

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