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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
Missed my point on a few issues.
First I believe that the specialty restarants should be things of the past. Celebrity use to be know for some of the best quality of food at sea...Not anymore, many will tell you the food has declined. So to get the quality of food that use to be served in the main dinning room now cost you between $30.00 and $40.00 per person.

Its not a matter of being able to afford it or not nor is it about representing value or not....Its about what use to be standard on Celebrity.

I would rather them raise the cruise price by a few hundred dollars and give everyone a higher quality of food in the MDR.

They now not only charge you to eat a quality food that use to be standard but they took away the midnight buffets (for some time now) just to save on cost.

Remember word of mouth travels fast..if a cruise line is skimping and is being cheap word will spread...Can Celebrity afford any bad mouthing ?

I have also heard that there is more and more of those annoying messages announcing art auctions and bingo games...something I loath...nothing makes a cruise feel cheap like listening to messages announcing art games and the horse races.

My Wife and I have not been on a cruise for about 5 years we do however have a dozen or so under our belt and we always loved Celebrity. But like I said I have been getting feed back that the little things are being eliminated..remember when you first boarded a crew member wearing white gloves escorted you to your room...I hear now they give you a map or just point you in the direction...its the little things that make a cruise seem like they really care about you.

We were going to book a cruise on Summit but My wife suggested not too long ago that maybe we should give either Silver Sea or Crystal a shot...I am giving it a serious consideration.

I didn't miss your point at all, but you sure missed mine. . .

You're simply in the camp that says nothing should ever change. But things do change. Whether or not the overall quality of Celebrity's MDR food has declined is in the eye of the beholder. It's probably gone down a little, but no big deal. Some think it's gone down a lot, others think it's just fine. Based on a personal absence of five years, you choose to believe what you've "heard." Since you have, it will probably turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophesy, because you will expect it to have declined.

You say that specialties should be a thing of the past. I promise you that they're here to stay. You're gonna have to live with that, even if you don't eat at them.

You insist that the correct route for Celebrity would be to increase its base fares in order to improve the quality in the MDR. Celebrity disagrees, mostly for the reason I pointed out: they have to compete with other lines and they have to hold down base fares to do that. The result: cruising is still one of the biggest travel bargains in the world.

You'd be happy for them to raise the cruise fare by "a few hundred dollars" to support better MDR food. Well, think about it: for a few hundred dollars more, and depending on the length of the cruise, you could eat at a specialty restaurant most or all nights. That would effectively solve your problem and give you exactly the product you want for the price you are willing to pay. What the cruise lines are doing with the specialty restaurant idea is giving people a choice, which is what most people seem to want.

The elimination of midnight buffets by most lines obviously saves money, but it is also obvious that their research showed that these exercises in gluttony were not valued by the great majority of passengers. People (including me) generally overeat on ships anyway, and a lot of people (including me) saw these gorge-fests as way over-the-top. In fairness, to compensate many ships now have some sort of food available 24 hours.

The other solution is the one you mentioned: sail on a super-premium line. Great idea. You might want to add Oceania to the two possibilities you mentioned. Sounds like their product is more in line with your tastes. Just be aware that your own "experience-based" data is past the pull date, and the opinions of others may not match yours.
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