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In the summer of 1983 a friend of mine was sitting in a coffee shop in Manhattan having lunch.She was at a table for 2 but she was alone . A guy approached her and asked if he could sit there ,she replied that he could . She found him gazing at her and he asked if she was a model or actress ,she laughed and replied that she was not .
The guy took out a pad and wrote down the name and phone number of the head of a Manhattan modeling agency and suggested that she contact him .
He also wrote down his name .
After lunch my friend went back to work and told her co-workers about the conversation and showed them what was written on the paper .Everyone but my friend recognized the names and said "wow,you had lunch with ... ....son ?
Not being much of a movie goer or TV watcher she was not familiar with the name . She was urged to call the number and the rest they say is history .
However ,acting and modeling was not something that she ever aspired as a career and by her choosing she gave it up shortly thereafter .
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