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Good evening mates!!

Just getting back online after having some internet issues and surgery recovery in progress. I'm well south of the tornadoes and storms so I came out fine there. However, I have a very good friend in Dallas who had her flight cancelled today (to California) due to storm activity. She was very upset. Next flight out is not til Friday. Just her luck!!

Saw doc today and she feels my healing is progressing very very well. Yet when I asked her when I could start lifting more than 3-5lbs...She said "oh surely not sooner than 6-8 weeks from now." Do you know how hard it is for one to live without lifting such a low amount of weight?? I know, I have had to do it for the past two weeks. uggghh However, looks like I might be driving in more like a week or 2. Go me!! Pain meds end in 2 weeks so I assume that is when I am expected to me "healed." Came home and did a very short 70's boogie with my little mini dog and now hitting the sack.

Goodnight and many blessings to all of you....
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