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On the issue of room service tipping on cruises where tips are pre-paid, I think the problem is the cruise lines' failure to clearly specify what "traditional cruise tips" are included in the pre-payment and which (if any) are not. Oh, some of these lines specify that spa tips are not included in the pre-payment. But I don't think they mention room service one way or another, do they?

On the issue of including beverages (soft or hard) in the fare, cruisers do seem divided on this issue. The lines that offer included beverages seem to also include other things that some cruisers find attractive. These include larger cabins with better furnishings, fully included tips, better food (some say), larger service staff ratio for better service, less crowded public areas, -- and much higher fares. It is good that cruisers have a choice in which type of cruise to book. All they need do is a little research.
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