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Default Outside or inside

Originally Posted by doopydozer View Post
On one cruise HAL had there ship damaged during a cruise from Vancouver to San Diego . Normally the waters between San Francisco and Alaska are fairly calm . I've talked to people on the Vancouver Alaska run say that they will probably ever do a cruise to Alaska that goes west of Vancouver Island due to rough seas.
I'm sure you mean "never" ...

Indeed in our cruises to Alaska, the roughest water we ever had was West of Vancouver island. We were on Sapphire Princess and she made it to port in Victoria but we heard that two smaller ships turned back.

However, that was ONE trip. On other trips we have had beautiful smooth water there. So as I said above, the experience of one poster in one trip is not necessarly the general or normal situation.

In general going outside of Vancouver island is for the Seattle itineraries, so you balance off the chance of rougher water against the much better availability of flights from Seattle.

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