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Default Falmouth, Jamaica Appleton Rum Factory

So my hubby is planning the shore excursion for our current cruise leaving in less then a month. I decided to not do the planning this time and let my hubby do all of it. He is a last minute kind of a guy. It's pretty entertaining to watch him swearing a RCL's website, getting confused and running around like a chicken with his head cut off. That man can not skip trace worth a damn. Oh wait it's called research for a cruise isn't it.

He did have a request in Falmouth Jamaica we are interested in seeing the Appleton Rum Factory, but there are no shore excursions for it on RCL's website. Do you guys know if Royal has any shore excusions to the rum factory? Thanks for your help. Finding out this information will cause my hubby's head to not explode.

I probably shouldn't be enjoying this as much as I'm. Dude my mother, dad, hubby, sister, and nephew had me plan an entire transatlantic cruise including trains to venice, pre and post cruise hotels, shuttle, and all tours. Then my dad yelled at me in Rome because I didn't purchase his train ticket. Of course he spent the day looking for the train stop (which was one metro stop from the hotel) so if he had found the train station (he never did) he would have purchased the tickets and we would have been stuck with extra train tickets. So watching my hubby is just pay back. Also I'm hoping he will appreicate the work involve with planning a trip now that is has to do it.
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