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Great minds think alike... even if you were a bit tongue in cheek.

Let me say up front, I love kids (especially my 3), but lets be real about it.
The most frazzled, unrested, worn out looking people I've seen on cruises were always the young parents carrying babies, or pushing their tots around in strollers (but maybe sleep deprivation has just become a way of life for them). To me, if you can't totally relax on a cruise and recharge your batteries, you might as well stay home and watch the travel channel from the couch. And from what I've seen, the kids don't appear to be having the time of their lives either. Only exception I have seen is if the GPs (or a nanny) come on the cruise too, allowing the parents to relax now and then.

I'm a firm believer in your point 1. We found other vacation venues that fit better when the kiddoes were really young. On one occasion we did leave them with the GPs and enjoyed some adult time on a cruise. However, I do think that from 5-6 on up, a cruise was an excellent fit for our sons.

Point 2 hits home as well. We always got our 3 boys a room to themselves (and as such, we had a room to ourselves - yeah!). We felt a bit guilty, though, and usually broke down and told them where we were (right across the hall). I believe it's the best situation for parents and kids.

If I told you sharing a room was a great thing, it would have to be that I was rationalizing a financial concern, or maybe I was just unwilling to let go and trust my kids in their own room. I don't personally consider crowding in a small space, sharing a single bathroom, or tip-toeing around while others are trying to sleep quality family time. Who wouldn't want the extra space if they had the option? My kids got just a bit of independence in their own cabin, and yet we were always right there if needed. We don't sleep in the same room at home, why on earth would we want to on a cruise ship?

I've been flamed before for saying it, but for the wife and I, taking a diaper baby on a cruise, or sharing a cabin with our 3 sons would easily qualify as my vacation from hell. I love my sons, and they are very well behaved, but we still all appreciate our own space. Allows for more privacy, as well as different bed times, music and tv preferences, and levels of cleanliness.

Enjoyed the blog...

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