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The itinerary was we left Bayonne NJ on Monday about 2 1/2 days at sea Thursday am, Labadee, which was very nice, we avoided the straw market as we didn't want to deal with the cat calls and the locals barking at us to shop their tents; then off to San Juan which was ok, we personally don't get much out of this port; Sat was St Marteen where we hopped a cap to Orient Beach, just lovely; next day St John's Antigua where we went to another beach whose name escapes me at the moment; then St Kitts where we took a panoramic scenic excursion which was gorgeous! Then it was 3 days at sea, which generally I would have loved, but it was pretty windy most sea days (enough to blow some deck chairs around) and pretty cloudy, so there wasn't much tanning time (or at least enough for us). Our favorite stops were St Marteen and St Kitts, and an interesting side note was that there was a motorcycle tour group on our ship and at every stop (except Labadee of course) they rolled their bikes off the ship, met with someone local and off they went for the day on their bikes touring the island! They seemed to love it and who wouldn't! It was quite the spectacle every port we hit.
RCCL is the best for us although their prices are climbing and about pricing us out. We had a great time though and the staff couldn't have been any nicer.
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