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I have to aree with Trip. Although I've been retired for 16 years, I maintain contacts with many divisions of law enforcement (including Federal law enforcement with whom I worked on more than several occasions).

My personal advice is that given current conditions, all the the advice that I can give is to forego the trip to the rum factory in Falmouth. It's not just Falmouth, it's as much as going and coming in addition.

A cheap bottle or two of rum could be far more than it could cost you in the long run. I am truly sorry to make this recommendation because while I personally think it a shame not to admit otherwise, it is nevertheless unbable to safely travel and to see the outlying areas of places I've never been.

The truth is that the Caribbean has changed in some regards and changed BIG TIME!

Also, there might be a very good (but unpublished) reason why RCL doesn't offer an excursion there. I'm not saying for a second there is, as I just don't know, but I'm not ignorant when it comes to such things either.
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