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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
I do agree with some of your points :
I Understand specialty restaurants are here to stay as it is a big money maker for the cruise line and at the same time they lowered the quality of the food in the MDR a win - win for the line.

Having been away from cruising for some time you have to at some point listen to cruise reviews from books and people otherwise you might be highly dissapointed. I get the fact that what is good to ssome isn't good to others but I try to average out all reviews and from what I hear the standard and quality of the food from years back has suffered. Just like Queen of Oakvillementioned the food declined due to the quality.

The reason why I would like to see the specialty restaurants leave is because I would like to arrange spa and dinning options prior to the cruise, I would of course find out when Captain's night is so I would not miss that meal in the MDR.. But my problem is what happens if I book a night in a restaurant only to find out prior to going to the restaurant there is a food item being served in the MDR that I would really want to try. I miss out on that item and then have to pay for a dinning option. Its sort of like buying a car...remember back when most car companies charged you extra for for most autos AC is included in the price. Is'nt that sort of the same, If car companies can raise the price of their autos to include AC why can't cruise lines do the same for higher quality food.

As for midnight buffets I do agree after reading your response, however I would at least like to see one Grand Gala Buffet.

I have viewed videos of SilverSea and Crystal cruises and I think the nod would go to Crystal, the only thing that might stop me would be the snobbish type of people...remember the movie "Titanic" I don't think I can deal with people who act like that for a week or two.

I own a car service company but having to deal with people who have to go to the smoking room after dinner and have a brandy and decided how to split up the world is something I would not look forward to nor would want to be a part of their world. Heck I'm a Becks beer guy but don't get me wrong Im not a slob either.
So let's see, you've looked at videos of Silversea and Crystal and seen Titanic have decided based on that research that people on high-end lines are snobs.

Stereotyping is seldom useful. Stereotyping based on the movies is incredibly not useful.

If you would sail on these lines, I think you would find that, yes, most passengers are well-heeled. Otherwise how could they afford the fares? On the other hand I think you would find that most of them are decidedly not snobs. A great many have made their money, are comfortable in their skins, and just want to relax and enjoy themselves. They have no interest in checking your Dun & Bradstreet rating, or in having you check theirs. You would find that most do not obsessively preplan their days onboard, pretty much take things as they come, open their menus at night and find something there to enjoy. If they go to the bar for an after-dinner drink, you're much more likely to find them talking baseball than "splitting up the world."

They're not walking cliches, they're people just like everybody else.
The most dangerous man in society is the man who has nothing left to lose. -- Saul Bellow
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