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I agree with most of what Mike and Mike said! My children are 3 and 5. We cruise to have a vacation away from the stress of little ones. However, I agree that once they are old enough to appreciate what they are doing and can behave they can go.

My children eat just about anything and go out to dinner with us regularly. We were never the type to drop them off with Grandma just to go to dinner (other than special occasions), so they sit and eat like big kids. I agree with the 6-12 age range being perfect. Once they are BOTH in that range we'll plan one for them. My first cruise was when I was 13, and I was a little bored, but I think the activities have gotten much better since then.

I am a strong believer that it is not the kids that are the problem. Parents need to be a better judge of what their kids can handle. If they need to be by your side the entire time to be "watched" then either do so, or leave them home. If your child can't sit and eat a nice dinner out at home, don't expect them to on vacation. Some people are meant to cruise some aren't. Kids are no different.

Funny article as usual Kuki!

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