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I love Celebrity & if you have ever cruised on certain cruise lines you would know that they spend significantly more on their cuts of beef than some of those other cruise lines! Since the quality of the dinner choices have been for the most part wonderful (there are always the under or overcooked selections based on the chefs understanding of Medium rare, etc), I thought I would never bother spending the Extra money on a Specialty restaurant. On my last cruise - 19th w/ an "I will never"...attitude (Century, ending March 23, 2012) the rest of our dinner table (4 couples) decided to do the Specialty Restaurant, & so with incentive & curiosity, I joined in. OMG. It was WELL worth the price simply for the presentation; aside from the exquisite food. It was exactly that: SPECIAL. Really SPECIAL. Not something I would do routinely - but something I would now consider on any lengthy cruise & I definitely feel I am "special" enough to book it on my birthday, etc. I would also be surprised if anyone who tried it had a negative response - and I am absolutely 'cost concious'.

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