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Originally Posted by AR View Post
So let's see, you've looked at videos of Silversea and Crystal and seen Titanic have decided based on that research that people on high-end lines are snobs.

Stereotyping is seldom useful. Stereotyping based on the movies is incredibly not useful.

If you would sail on these lines, I think you would find that, yes, most passengers are well-heeled. Otherwise how could they afford the fares? On the other hand I think you would find that most of them are decidedly not snobs. A great many have made their money, are comfortable in their skins, and just want to relax and enjoy themselves. They have no interest in checking your Dun & Bradstreet rating, or in having you check theirs. You would find that most do not obsessively preplan their days onboard, pretty much take things as they come, open their menus at night and find something there to enjoy. If they go to the bar for an after-dinner drink, you're much more likely to find them talking baseball than "splitting up the world."

They're not walking cliches, they're people just like everybody else.
Here is where my experiance tells me differently then what you have quoted.

I have dealt with many high earners, people who make 7 figures, not saying that all people who cruise Crystal are 7 figure earners but the majority of people who cruise Crystal are as you stated high earners or people who were born into it.

I pull no punches, Let me give you a line from a movie titled "Wall Street" Now mind you I am in no way being racist, I am just making a point, sometimes people act to politically correct to come off as being level minded and wanting to be like by all. AGAIN I am not being a racist but just trying to prove a point...

During a party over Gordon Gecco's house there was some idle chit chat among the guests and as the scene was about to go the a room to discuss stocks we hear two people talking about prison and the people who are in prison. here is the line :

Guest 1 - I find it hard to believe that 70% of the people in prison are minority.

Guest 2 - What so hard to believe they commit 70% of the true is that statement..well walk through any prison system and a majority of peole locked up are minorities. That is a fact.

Back to my point the majority of people I have dealt with who are big time earners are in fact people who consider themselfs better then the average person, they feel entitled, and more then you think look down upon lower wage earners....That is a fact, I have dealt with them and trust me its not fun...The big money earners are not as classy as the top earners were back on Titanic...the big money earners of today are much ruder in general and much more cut throat...They have to be, thats how they got there in the first place, while they are on vacation all people lower then them are seen as servants, now if you want to believe this or not or you want to stay "Politically correct is up to you. I tell it like it is and from the people I have dealt with are exactly like i have mentioned.

Dealing with those people is not enjoyable, that includes eating with them and having any type of conversation with them. Trust me on this most of the time conversation during dinner will include the company they are in charge many people they employ, the stock market, gold, the hours they work, the jets they fly on...If anybody here states they would'nt mind cruising with people of that nature or just eating a dinner with them then I know that person is full of it.

All abover examples are not ment to be hurtful, but I know of no other way to explain how I know of this.
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