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Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
Considering fares are cheaper than they were 15 years ago, I do not think specialty restaurants should be included in cruise price. Cruise companies to stay in business had to lower their fares. so they came up with things people would pay extra for such as gourmet ice cream, the specialty restaurants,gourmet coffees, etc.

I think it is up to us as individuals what we spend our disposable income upon. I for one don't give a hoot about gourmet ice cream-but if someone else wants that-why should not the cruise lines offer this as a source of income dollars.

We like eating in the specialties and we will continue to do so. We don't do it often-usually just once a on a 7 day cruise-perhaps twice on a longer cruise. Of course when cruising NCL we do it more often as their food is very much better in the specialties- whereas on Celebrity it is more the atmosphere is nicer and the food slightly better . Of course NCL the cruise fare is also cheaper-so it seems to "even out."

I do not see why it would bother anyone that we like to eat in a specialty every cruise. Why should it? Just like I am not bothered if they like the gourmet ice cream or the casino-I could care less about the casino-but I am not bothered that many cruise mainly for the casino.

Bottom line-eat there if you want-but if you don't want-don't. and realize if people were willing to pay higher cruise fares-there would be no pay extra restaurants.
Sailed on NCL also and found their specialties to be highly overated, about equivalent to Celebrity's MDR. Considered Cagneys to be on a level which Outback which I like but no where near Tuscan on Celebrity.

My outlook on their Specialties caused us not to eat in any of NCLs specialties on my second and subsequent cruises on NCL.
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