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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
I agree with you 100%

The food for the most part in specialty restaurants we use to get in the MDR (Celebrity).

I just looked over the 2012 Berlitz guide to cruising (The bible for cruise reviews) and make no mistake, they say Celebrity food at time was dissapointing as compared to years back. The main reason I cruised with Celebrity was the higher standard of food.

As far as Royal Carribean, Though I have never traveled on thast line many guide books refer to the food as me that means nothing memorable just someting to eat when your hungry. To me that is UNACCEPTABLE.

When people talked about cruises a few years back you always thought about how wonderful the food is. Is'nt it a shame that a major part of a cruise that so many look forward to has suffered and the only way to get that back is to leave the MDR and sit in a little restaurant and get charged for it....Does'nt matter if you can afford it or not, IMHO thats a disgrace.

lets see if the cruise lines start charging for for the rest of the things that are free or use to be included in the you can't think of much that is free on a ship. But Im sure the things you do think up the cruise lines have already thought about charging you a fee, lets see how many I can think of.

Iced Tea
Coffee or tea in the MDR
use of the pool
use of towels at the pool (or at least a deposit
Lounge chair at the pool $5.00
use of the safe in a room
surcharge on all meals in the MDR, say $5.00 per person
a $5.00 fee for each show you see on board
a $5.00 fee per person per cruise for the band on board
a $5.00 fee to board the ship after a tour
swipe your sail and sign card to use the elevator say $1.00 per ride

Of course some are ment to be sarcastic but I can actually see some of these fees adopted by the cruise lines...Just look at the airlines and see what they did. Did you ever think you would have to pay for a pillow or anything over one checked bag, My friend was charged $70 for an aisle seat...he is 6' 6" tall and requires a aisle seat...and believe it or not was charged $70. The fees can litterally double or more your airline ticket price. When does it end...

When does all the crazy extra fees stop. The answer is NEVER. As long as they have people paying they will keep charging..

Just look at the price of oil and gasoline...Consumption of oil and gasoline has dropped drastically over last year, with a very mild winter we are litterally floating in oil, but have you look at the price of gasoline and home heating oil ?

During the push to $5.00 a gallon a year or two ago a barrel of oil was close to 150 a barrel gasoline was $4.00 + a gallon....oil is now 103 a barrel and gasoline is $4.00 a gallon...WHAT IS WRONG HERE...I will tell you what is wrong the same thing that is wrong with the cruise industry....GREED.

Have you seen lately that some cruise lines are now stating that they can raise your cruise price even after giving a deposit depending upon the price of fuel...Why is that ok and people are will to pay that, but people will not pay a higher price for better quality of food and service, the very things that effect your total cruise experiance.
Just to comment on your last paragraph. The notification of raising the prices was part of a lawsuit filed by the Florida Attorney Generals Office years ago due to many cruise lines previously charging without putting the notification at the time of bookings. This was agreed upon by the courts and the cruise lines at the time and that is why they notify you at booking. I don't know what you are complaining about with the fuel costs, they havent raised any prices even though they could.
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