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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
There is only sarcasm where one chooses to see sarcasm. I took it as a valid comment on the original post.

But to add to the conversation - I have taken the National Express coach from the airport to Southampton, and it was quite an adventure. I expected it would only take under two hours - closer to four.

I do not know if they have an express, but if they do - take it. My route was a spaghetti pattern with stops in every village with a herd of goats.

Good thing I had a hotel booked. Unfortunately, when I arrived I found out I had somehow been booked in the WRONG Holiday Inn and had to take a $20 taxi ride there and to the pier the following day.

But booking the coach in the Internet was easy - prepaid.
The coaches go from the Airport to Southampton but not exclusively so, they do stop at points in between, that's public transport for you.
Paul you ended up quite near me I think. Near the Cricket ground?
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