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Originally Posted by gkbii View Post
What I don't get is during my travels, the Pound was 1X2 to the Dollar, why are they so cheap?? Many Brits I have met resent the service Americans get aboard by tipping well. So why don't they simply tip more and get better service??? When our dear British come to Orlando, remember its a full 20% and 25% gratuity in New York!

In life, often you get what you pay for: if you can afford the voyage, then you should be able to afford $12.00 per night. Why don't the Brits give 12 Pounds per night!!! I mean all this over just $6.00 equivalent, I mean really!!
Tipping that much is completely alien to our way of life, people here do their job & don't expect tipping for it. It's not us who are cheap, it's the US way of life that expects the customer to pay the staff not the employer. It is only Americans that do this as far as I know, the impression other countries have is Americans have so much money they expect to be able to buy anything they want.
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