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Exclamation JMO

I see some Americans say they tip but they secretly go to the purser & remove them while condemning people who question the tips added to their account

some brag about how much they tip but do they in reality or are they trying to look like the big shot????
On a Princess cruise we overheard a lady in the casino tell another passenger "they remove the tips that way they have more to spend in the casino"

So do not blame the Brits or any other nationality
Some have to have tips added to their cruise fare & it is paid with the final payment

I agree with Mike ..just add it to the cruise fare ..if you do not like the bottom line will get use to it if you want to cruise
we tip the recommended amount & if someone goes above & beyond we tip a bit extra to them & mention them in the final survey (which goes a long way for them)

As for tipping more because that GBP is worth more ..well how long does it take to earn the GBP compared to the almighty USD ......
I am guessing the same ..... food & housing costs in the UK are much higher than in North America
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