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I thought ZZ Top and George Thorogood were just great on the first cruise - but Paul Rodgers is one of my all-time favorite rock stahs, so...

I am just waiting to see who is in his backup band, because that could be huge. Recently he has been playing with Bad Company, but I think they would have said that....

I hear he also tours with the guitarist who plays for Paul McCartney. Or he could just use players from bands already onboard (who doesn't know all the Free and Bad Company songs? Believe me, every player knows them.)

38 Special is also a great band - but they have played on may cruises before, usually the Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man cruises by Sixthman. I will miss the Outlaws, but Molly Hatchet is really good. And Foreigner, a really first-rate band from the 80s.
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