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Well I guess I will Address Paul first. I guess I get on the defensive when some talks bad about my business or organization that I work in. Which I might add has never had a bad incident from the day we opened. I'm glad you don't put down local tour providers on the island. Seeing that is who we work with everyday and see almost every other day. I know most cruise ship can't name the owner of 1 tour provider owner on the island let alone everyone of them. You shouldn’t put down travel agents we work just as hard as everyone else to make cruise ship excursions fun and safe for the visitors. We just like to save them money and don't raise the cost 50% a tour. I'm only speaking the truth. You claims are faults.
The risk of getting left behind from a travel agent and cruise ship booking for an excursion is the same. (Not talking about getting an independent transport) The local excursion tour is the one that get the people to and from the excursion, not the travel agent or cruise ship. So please tell me how a travel agent or cruise ship is any different of a risk??
I agree with you that some people use travel agent and save money and love their time and some do the same with cruise ships. I just don't understand why cruise ship put fault claim into people head just to keep them as customers. I just tell facts, we save you money and you’re as safe with us as with book with them. It up them if they want to pay 50% more or not.

Thank your thoughts on the subject Paul. I do like talking with yall

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