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Default Crystal Society

Crystal Society Benefits Program:

Crystal has a very complex loyalty program, especially for a luxury cruise line. This is partly because the line does not normally include gratuities and beverages in its cruise fare. The line says many passengers prefer not to pay a higher cruise fare when they don't drink that much.

Crystal often refers to "the Crystal difference," and their Crystal Society is a good example. Instead of limiting the reward levels to a few tiers, Crystal offers more incentives within several milestones that are much closer together. This explains why you can meet Crystal cruisers who are on their 50th or 60th cruise -- the awards get bigger all the time.

Here are the Crystal milestones. They are divided into two different categories to reflect the two stateroom categories common to Crystal ships. To qualify for the upper-crust column B benefits, at least half of your cruises had to have been in the upper (PH-CP) stateroom categories.

To see the entire chart of benefits either go to the Cryustal web site, or read our original article on the program:

Crystal Society
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