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Nice post Mike.

I have observed over the years that handing out $5 & $10 at the beginning of every cruise to your room steward, head restaurant manager respectfully at each venue really make a big difference.

I do request extra hangers, ice changed out in my cabin daily, upgraded amenities such as terry cloth robes, slippers shampoo/conditioner, shoe shining, mattress pad on bed, fresh cleaned bedspread (standard issue for suite guest) are usually delivered, even though I am elite with many of the cruise lines.
The Restaurant manager always greets at reservation desk and has access to many items in the kitchen not on the menu, such as escargot, frogs legs, divers scallops just to mention a few items.
Just make it a point to remember names.
The host is also a key person many frequent captains members overlook.
They can really make things happen, including sold out land tours, bridge and kitchen tours, complementary bottle of wine at your table are just a few perks they can arrange.
I have even received an upgrade from the hotel manager to a large suite on the third day of a 10 day cruise, which was arranged during the cruise on a golf course at first port of call and a few cold beers.

Anyway, for all the gals reading this, the magnified mirrors always come in handy!
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