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Originally Posted by AR View Post
Folks, we're twisting ourselves into knots over a guy who clearly will never be happy.

He's claims to be in a service business that caters to wealthy clients, and he hates them because they are snobs.

He makes categorical statements about food based on a complete lack of current experience.

He doesn't understand the economics of cruising (or of travel in general), and doesn't want to. The concept of getting what you pay for just doesn't register.

He's certain that the super premium lines are replete with customers in smoking jackets who want to rule the world, and who would look down on him, despite the fact that he's never been on such a line.

Finally, he supports his views by quoting dialog and scenes from the movies, which somehow don't seem to make his point.

He's mad at virtually everything and everybody, and I won't continue to engage with him. Most cruisers are fundamentally happy people; this man is not.

I'm done.
Not wanting to engage with my statements anymore does'nt mean much to me to tell you the truth...But I am pretty sure you are reading this reply...

To point out why you are twisting my words here are a few of you comments which I never said nor ment.

I never said I cater to wealthy clients...Please find that quote for me...I stated a majority of the clients were wealthy...I never catered to them...they used my service, its not like I searched for them.

I base my statements on a complete lack of current experiance...Well I do have many cruises under my belt as I have stated before..However word of mouth from people who have cruised recently and in the past along with Berlitz guide to cruising...whom I value their word more then yours states that the food has declined from years past.

Quoting scenes from movies...Find one quote from a movie...I stated that the higher end people I have dealt with are much ruder and more cut throat then the wealthy people depicited in the movie "Titanic"...

And finally if you feel someone who does not follow your thinking or has a different point of view, then you want to dismiss that person...

Do I really need to prove any more points of reference that you have twisted which really does not reflect in any way my point of view...

LIke I said before and will repeat....I would gladly pay a higher fare to get the food and service of years back.
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