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Let's see. We paid around $750 total for a 4 day cruise in an inside stateroom on Carnival Tropicale back 1998 for 2 people. That was in October, an off season hurricane month, and in the oldest and most worn out ship Carnival had at the time. It was like 20 years old in 1998. We actually lost power a couple of times-though only for a couple of minutes- thank goodness! ! That is about $86.50 a day a person. The food was great! Especially formal night-the food was more like what we now have in the specialties.

This June we are taking a 12 day med cruise on the Solstice in a spa balcony for $1650 each. Oceanview cabins are under a $1000 on this cruise right now. Solstice is what 2 years old-3 years old? This is with Celebrity- NOT Carnival and it is the Med is more expensive than the Caribbean. This comes out to something like $137 a day. So $50 more a day, for a much nicer stateroom on a better cruise line, on a ship much newer and in the Med.

That is what I meant by prices.

Dkretired I just mentioned NCL because we eat in the specialties even more on NCL. No they are not great, although my hubby and daughter love the French, and they thought that Brazilian steak house was superb. (I thought it was WAAAY too much meat and not enough veggies) Cagney's I thought was decent. I had a filet mignon. However on Celebrity Zenith, I had on formal night a porterhouse steak that I thought was about as good. Still, I do not find main dining room uneatable as some say-it more like comparable quality of Olive Garden or TGI Fridays.

As I told you before when we cruise NCL it is because our daughter works in our county school system and when she is off from work, the cruise prices are much higher.
For example we had a minsuite Thanksgiving week 2008 on the Pearl for around $850 each for my hubby and I and our daughter was another $500. Prices for Celebrity, RCI, and Princess that week we were looking at were between $1100 and $1350 for a balcony on some of them, $900 to 1100 oceanviews- you see why we booked NCL. Although some choices not that much more than what we paid-we would have been in a considerably smaller room-and 3 people so we chose NCL.

Hubby and I on our own-nope-the prices are within $200-250 each other most weeks- and as I said, we book the specialty perhaps once, when we go on better lines.
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