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Unhappy 4/14/12 spring Break, Navigator of the seas 7 day cruise

So i just got back from a cruise about 20 minutes ago. the first 3 days i had a hard time meeting people but then suddenly i started meeting friends in all the groups but... this one girl wasn't in any groups and hangout with people she came with, i had seen he earlier and thought she was cute but she had been on an upper deck and i couldn't get a good look at her. Well i became friends with this guy and a girl, (ZACH and Jordan) i helped them become a couple, we had so much fun that friends started trying to hangout with us all he time so we had to keep ditching. one night at a teen club (Fuel) i met this girl again her name was Waverly. Thats all i learned about her that night because the dance ended. my friends knew i was interested in this girl so they encouraged me to find her. keep in mind she didn't hangout with the kids from the boat so it was really hard. so Zach,Jordan and I were going to go to the helicopter deck and at the very front of the ship is a little nitch where no one can see you and we were going to just hangout.. i saw her again literally as i stepped outside on the deck she came up the stairs alone and kind of distressed. so i immediately asked her to come with us! us 4 sat out there for 3 hours talking and i got to know her really well and she got to know me too. we even snuggled because it was about 10pm-1am and was freezing. so after we went to another club (the dungeon) for an hour and before i cold say goodbye, her friends took her from the club, she had got in trouble for not checking in! i didn't see her again that night... so the next day(the last full day on the ship) i planned to have fun and go out with a bang... so that day The trio met up again on deck 10 and had fun all day( i kept watch for waverly and we saw her for about 30 minutes on the side deck i sat with her and we talked about family and stuff, both of us flirting with each other) she left to go change and said she might be able to hang out later. we ended up all going to dinner at 6 so we planned to meet up again. We met up at 8pm and we set out to find waverly for sure it was the last night i really liked this girl and wanted to be with her. it turns out jordan had saw her at dinner and told her to met us on the helicopter deck( i was excited! they were too for me) we ended up going up on deck to wait for her. (im 15 don't judge but we've all tried alcohol and smoking before) so it turns out her friend on the trip is a guy there really just close friends and he's really cool.. Except all he wants to do is drink and smoke.. he has cigars from jamaica and like 20 beers he stole from a crate... Waverlys kind of drunk already but so is Zach from dinner they did shots... i don't care so we all get slightly drunk on deck... well to sum some of this story up from 9pm -11pm was us waling around the ship dodging friends and adults just smoking and doing nothing... THIS WHOLE TIME WAVERLY AND I ARE KIND OF CUDDLING AND HOLD HANS FOR SHORT PERIODS OF TIME AND WE ARE FLIRTING HARD. Zach and jordan are too.. but her best friend makes her uncomfortable around me so she wont do anything... she's really beautiful and i like her a lot i cant stop thinking about her. Zachs the same way with jordan we don't want to leave tomorrow.. so we don't do anything al night and we skip the club.. curfew is 1Am she has to be in by 12 because she got in trouble the night before.. i really want her to stay and she wants to too.. so she says she's going to check in and see if she can come back out... her parents don't let her back out again.. its the last night.. Noahs been a huge cockblock the whole night.. he broke deck chairs and hung them on cameras and he was just being a dumb drunk... i don't see her again.. i tried to see her in the morning but they left erlie.. i didn't get to say goodbye.. for the past 9 hours i cannot stop thinking about her.. i never got her number and i dont know her last name or anything.. i know she lives in Virginia beach area .. im so sad iv never felt like this before.. iv dated a lot of girls to.. i wish i would have manned up and kissed her..
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