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Aerogirl, re/ the Dream, we have sailed it twice, once when it had been sailing for about 6 months or so and again this past Sept.
We've been on a lot of cruises on several different lines and we had no problems on the Dream.
On any large ship there tends to be lines at certain times, especially on sea days. If , on a sea day, you go to the breakfast buffet around 8 or 9 a.m you just may encounter a line and the same at lunch, especially around 12-1 p.m. But, as has been pointed out, you can control and avoid some of the lines by watching your times you pick to eat breakfast and lunch.
I never had a complaint regarding the food nor service on either of my cruises on the Dream.
I can understand if you're trying to get a fairly large group to sail --you may as well figure now that some will be happy and some will be unhappy-- no matter how good the food and service may be.
Happy sails !
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