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Originally Posted by Master Chief View Post
The phone number for my PVP was edited out (I understand why). But you can send me a personal note.
Yup .. and anyone wanting to respond to the poster's question can feel free to do it via DM or Email.

I will say, I don't really get it. While no doubt there are some decent PVPs, I would never want to book with someone who works directly for the cruise line, instead of for me.

That said, there's also bad travel agents.

I'd also never book my cruise with a corporate travel agent. Often they, like PVPs, have never been on a ship.

Find a great travel agent, who specializes in cruises, and is CLIA certified (which PVPs are not), and you'll be "in love"... and if anything goes wrong you have someone representing your interest instead of Carnival's.

Fact is NO PVP can offer a better deal than any travel agent. Most travel agents offer the exact same deals (because of Carnival's policy not allowing discounting). Many agents will offer some other incentives.

If ANY travel agent is quoting higher than cruise lines rates, RUN away!!
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