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Originally Posted by Master Chief View Post
In responding to both Kuki and Trip, you are absolutely correct. No PVP can offer a better price than a TA. But on the other hand, no TA can offer a better price than a PVP. TAs can ( and most do) offer other incentives. I guess it all comes down to who you feel comfortable with. As for me, until my PVP does me wrong, I will stay with her. :-)
Absolutely.. if you're happy, I wouldn't tell you not to be

Awhile back I wrote an article about how a PVP called me because I had visited the Carnival web site. So, they are obviously being given contact leads by the company, which if I were a TA I'd be livid about.

Secondly, the PVP who called me, after I told them I have an agent, went on to tell me they could get me better deals than a travel agent could. FLAGRANT LIE.

After the article appeared I did get an email from Carnival telling me that is against company policy.... but they obviously hadn't told the PVP.

I HATE any type of telephone soliciting, and think what Carnival is doing, tracking customers, and then soliciting by telephone is unethical.

As I said, there's no doubt there are some good PVPs. But they are not trained, and there's no requirement for them to have cruised for them to be hired.

Though Carnival is a member of CLIA, their pvps are not required to take the program from CLIA which would make the accredited cruise counsellors. So, imho that makes most of them much less knowegable than those who are trained as more than sales people.

One thing that exists is people often mistakenly think the services of a travel agent are going to cost them extra. They are paid by the cruise lines, with NO extra cost to the customers.

Cruise lines refer to travel agents as their "travel partners" when talking to them. Then they take active steps to cut their "travel partners" out of the game by soliciting clients from their web site visits. That just sticks in my craw.
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