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We traveled with James on April 12, 2012. When we arrived in St Lucia, it was pouring rain and we actually considered staying on our ship and just bagging the tour, but decided to go anyway. Boy are we glad we did. This had to be one of the best tours that I have ever taken. What made it great? I can tell you in one word: James! He is a master host. From the moment we entered the cruise terminal, his one and only goal was to make sure that we had an experience to write home about.

There had been recent rock fall on the island, so we traveled in several smaller vans rather than a larger bus. James spent most of the day running back and forth between vans making sure no one felt short changed. The tour itself was an all day tour of the entire island. We got the chance to see downtown Castries, then toured around the countryside. What a beautiful island. The best attraction of all was being able to see the Pitons. There were photo opportunities galore.

Our particular driver was RC(aka BIG SHOW). I got the impression that normally he just drives, but because of the smaller vans, he was called into service as a guide as well. He did a wonderful job and gave us muc background on the area, from a locals perspective. He had a great sense of humor. He even got out of the van and picked cashews and brought them back to us to show us what the plant looked like. We also got to see some of the poorer parts of the island that you owuld normally not expect to see as tourists.

James, wined us and dined us (literally) with local cuisine, including Johnny Cake and Rum Punch. If I had one complaint about the tour, it was probably that it was a little long. Maybe its because I suspect that I'm ADD and have a short attention span, but it was a six hour tour, and it probably could have been done in 4-5; although we probably would have not been able to go some of the placed we went.

As icing on the cake, I was shocked when I received a personal phone call from James after the tour to check and see how things went and if there was anything he could do different. Now, I know why his tour is so popular. He has rediscovered the lost art of customer service. Book this Tour is you're going to be in St Lucia!
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