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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post

If you feel that MDR food is comparable to an Olive Garden and a T.G.I.F. then it is worse then I thought or heard.
Oh really? Well we go out to dinner at such places about every week. (well not Olive Garden-no really healthy choices for me there) We do go to better restaurants but that is less often-once every couple of months or so.

Now I no longer eat fast food-but I do like Micky Dee's coffee!

Which is my POINT. People claim the food is uneatable-but yet if they are doing a land vacation they are eating at places like Denney's and Bob Evans. Now I like Bob Evans (but not Denneys) but I consider it a couple of steps down from Olive Garden.

Why not simply say when cruising you prefer to cruise on a line that serves better food? that would be the truth and not an exaggeration.

Anyway, back to what I said earlier. Until people are willing to pay more for cruise fare, they can't expect great cruise food. More gourmet items cost $$.

Just like the med cruise we booked in January. We started out in an oceanview, prices have dropped several times, first we upgraded to a balcony, then a spa balcony, now we are in a sky suite. Do I expect gourmet food every night? Not hardly, not for the fare we paid. Heck even though we get dinner twice in a specialty of our choice, I still do not expect gourmet food, although I am sure it will be excellent.

Now if we had booked a Crystal cruise where a 7 day runs about $5000 a person, yes then I would, for those prices I BETTER get gourmet food.
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