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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
The tourist submarines in St Thomas gave me my first taste of claustrophobia when I realized there was no way out (if I open a hatch everybody would get flooded and the thing would sit on the ocean floor. But I just decided not to think about it and it was then a great tour.

I once got very dizzy on some stairs (circular) in an old church in gdansk. Going round and round for over 100 steps really got me dizzy and scared because the space was so tight it made the steps very narrow (easy to slip) - plus you couldn't really stop because people were coming down and someone could not see you and fall over you.

To be clear the turret was only about 4-feet across and the steps got narrower in the middle (not sure why) - but you had to stay on the outside.
This is the type of experience that can make you a bit leary of enclosed space. Disney Land submarine was my first encounter with tight space fear. I'll would say I have a definite fear of spelunking which would keep me out of cave explorations and off of any tours that went into most caves. In a recent issue of National Geographic they had an extensive coverage of spelunkers down in the mid south. They published a picture of a guy squeezing through a narrow opening on his belly. The scary thing was that it brought back memories of a similar picture published in National Geographic from about forty years ago where the guy was sliding on his belly on an ice floor through a narrow opening. To even write about it bothers me.
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