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Default First time Cruise

My fiance and myself have booked an eastern carribbean cruise on the Ruby Princess sailing Dec.9 2012 for our honeymoon. We will be flying out of the Twin Cities the day before since we never know about our weather here and if for some chance the airline loses a piece of luggage it will give them some time to locate it and get it to use before the cruise. I've booked our hotel already (Embassy Suites by the port in Ft Lauderdale) which includes transfers.

Now for a few questions. We are getting married Sept. 15th so I told her right after the wedding we have to start getting her ID's changed (ss# drivers license and passport with the correct name) That gives us 2 1/2 months to get this all resolved. Do you think this is enough time?

Second question. We wanted a ship that was decent sized and has a ton of stuff to do but not so big that you get lost or you're constantly fighting crowds. Also we wanted a ship that is romantic and doesnt have a ton of overly drunk obnoxious people on board. Don't get me wrong we both like having a few drinks but I'd rather not be around people who are stumbling or sluring their speech. Did we pick the right ship for this?

I've read that the Ruby Princess is a ship for all ages but I'm constantly seeing youtube videos of older couples (mid 50's+) There's nothing wrong with this but it would be nice to have plenty of people/couples around 30 who may share similar hobbies/music etc as us. Is this going to be a issue or does Ruby Princess really tailor to all ages?

This is all I can think of as of now. I look forward to reading some replys!

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